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Functional Medicine, Circadian Health & Nutrigenomics are alternative holistic healing modalities complementary to Integrative Medicine. A new way to heal! Emphasizing individualized diet, exercise, sunlight exposure, photobiomodulation (RLT), nutritional supplements & adaptogenic herbs, as well as nervous system, stress relief and MINDSET support modalities that facilitate digging deeper for the root cause and are client centered lifestyle modification strategies to help you achieve overall health and wellness.

It’s not the provider that heals, it’s your body and psyche that creates inner healing. The Functional Health Coach, Clinician or doctor is meant to guide you through the nature of your own unfolding, to remove the obstacles and help identify the underlying root cause of your physical and emotional distress, which is possibly what is kept you from optimal vitality.

As Health Coaches, we can suggest implementation of strategies to stimulate and support healing, but we can’t drive it. We simply cannot look at the doctor for all the answers. Healing is not about your holistic provider fixing or saving you, but rather helping you expand the mindset with knowledge and applicable steps on how to stimulate the system to allow for the body’s inherent ability to do what it knows best, heal itself.

My purpose is to help you restore balance to prevent and reverse the disease process. I am passionate about living in ALIGNMENT with my true purpose of bringing HEART into my practice!

For more information on the scientific and medical research conducted on the alternative methods I utilize with clients visit my RESOURCES page.

How we Can Work Together Through my Health Coaching Sessions

A parson is not her/his symptoms; identifying the basis for imbalance, illness and inflammation in the body requires a Mind, Body and Soul approach. I am committed in incorporating this approach in my Health Coaching strategies. This is where my Zone of Genius resides. 

One essential step in helping others achieve their wellness goals is by advocating the practice of a clear, purposeful mindset, imperative for crafting a path towards a healthy self. Thoughts or memories become our beliefs, those beliefs become our truths, and in turn, those create our reality. We hold on to traumas that manifest through pain and illness. To find physical and emotional relief, we must release the preconceived thoughts or memories, the conditioning that is kept our bodies inflamed. I help you create your own, individualized protocol for your specific goals and needs.


Addressing Your Root Cause Through Functional Medicine & Nutrition


Mitochondria Health

ATP, Nitric Oxide, Cell Degradation and Renewal (Mitophagy ®Autophagy), Weight Gain, Dementia, Seizures, MCAS, POTS, Fertility, Chronic Fatigue (SEID), Cancer Support, Ketogenesis (BHB), Anti-Aging Support.


Gut & Liver Health

Parasites, Pathogens, H. Pylori, SIBO, IBS, Candida, Gut Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut, GERD, Celiac, NCGS, Food Sensitivities, Detoxification, Environmental Toxins, Histamine Intolerance, Nutritional Deficiencies.


Quantum Circadian Biology

Proper UVA/UVB Sunlight Exposure, Vitamin D deficiency, Endocrinology-Hormone Health, Dyslipidemia, Sleep & Circadian Rhythm, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, ATP, Brain Health, Neuroplasticity.



Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyrodism, Hashimoto’s, Leptin Resistance, Energy, Metabolism, HPA-Axis Dysregulation.


Immune Health

Inflammation, Chronic Pain, Bacteria, Stealth Infections, Heavy Metals, EBV, Mono, STD’s, other Viruses, Hair Loss.


Women’s Health

PMS, Menstruation, Estrogen Dominance/Low Estrogen, STI’s, UTI’s/IC, Vaginitis, Chronic Headaches & Migraines


Cardio-Metabolic Health

Metabolic Dysfunction; ASCVD, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, Insulin Resistance, DM2, PCOS, Obesity, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s.


Genome Testing & Nutrigenomics

Individualized Food & Supplements, Mood Management, Stress Reduction, Exercise and Movement for specific genetic mutations: SNP’s.


“I am grateful for her guidance and knowledge."

“I have struggled with high blood pressure and fatigue for over two years before working with Victoria. She helped me identify areas of the HPA-axis where I needed some help and suggested the right labs, apoptogenic herbs, and lifestyle modifications to help me gain control over my health again. My fasting glucose has improved from 110-120 to 80-90 ng/dL by applying her rule of “no naked carbs”. I am grateful for her guidance and knowledge.”

~Tina, California

“I would recommend Victoria Kapp to anyone wanting to improve their health."

“I discovered Victoria Kapp on Instagram. I decided I needed her services after following her posts for several months. My main goal was to lose some weight by practicing the ketogenic diet. She provided me with education, tools, and encouragement to help me improve my health and lose weight. I was amazed at the detailed nutritional plans. They were so simple to follow, and I ended up losing 17 pounds!!! I would recommend Victoria Kapp to anyone wanting to improve their health.”

~Pamela, South Carolina

“Mi experiencia con Victoria Kapp, FNP ha sido muy satisfactoria"

“Mi experiencia con Victoria Kapp, FNP ha sido muy satisfactoria, ahora tengo más información sobre mi condición y más herramientas para mejorar mi salud, sus tratamientos son de alta calidad. Esta muy preparada en su práctica.”

~Martha, Arizona

“Through the individualized food plan she created for me, my mood, energy and weight improved, and was able to reduce my thyroid medication by half in less than 6 months."

“I have Hashimoto’s and have been medicated for hypothyroid issues for over 15 years before I started working with Victoria. As she helped me by suggesting some of the labs conventional medicine does not run, I was able to find out how Leptin was affecting my ability to lose weight and how to fix by chronic fatigue. Through the individualized food plan she created for me, my mood, energy and weight improved, and was able to reduce my thyroid medication by half in less than 6 months.”

~Lisa, Texas

“Her Nutrigenomics knowledge helped me get educated on advocating for my own health"

“I had been going in circles trying to find a provider that could interpret my genome test results in a way I could understand and make decisions on how to treat some of my most debilitating symptoms, which I now know are related to my SNP’s. Victoria did that for me. Her Nutrigenomics knowledge helped me get educated on advocating for my own health and I no longer have to take tons of random supplements indefinitely to feel better. She tailored my daily diet and taught me how to “pulse” supplements to my very specific individualized SNP’s, symptoms and needs.”

~Cindy, Colorado

“tengo mucha mas energia ahora que trato de seguir un estilo más saludable de alimentación por su ayuda"

“Victoria me hayudo a lo siguiente: Primero, a bajar de peso. Después, subió mi autoestima. Se me quitaron las agruras y mi orina es más clara y tengo mucha mas energia ahora que trato de seguir un estilo más saludable de alimentación por su ayuda”

~Luz, Arizona

“Thank you for your support, Victoria."

“I am so excited I got into ketosis 2-3 days after completed Victoria’s Ketosis Program materials. I got my new Keto Mojo device yesterday and this morning my ketones were 0.6 mmol/L. Thank you for your support, Victoria.”

~Petra, FWI-French West Indies


Food triggers, bacteria overgrowth, fungus, parasites, pharmaceutical drugs, stress, etc.


Digestive enzymes, HCL, ACV, time in nature, exercise, electrolytes, sleep hygiene, etc.


Prebiotics, bitters, Probiotics: fermented foods and supplements, S. boulardii, etc.


Gut lining healing botanicals, amino acids, vitamins, nutrients, and supplements.

remove replace reinoculate repair

"All Disease Begins in the Gut.” -Hippocrates

Best Tools to Gut Health


Light is Nutrition

Circadian Biology – Sunlight; The Medicine of The Future

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